At Burlingame Road Animal Hospital, our health care team works together to provide your pet with a healthy, comfortable, and consistent environment. We also offer reduced rates for daily boarding if your furry friend needs watchful attention during your work hours.

While staying with us, your pet’s lodging options include a cozy kennel for small dogs or a  large enclosure for multiple pets or large dogs.

The cats have opportunities as well ranging from a large ground level cage to a two or three room condo with shelving.

Our guests receive two provided meals a day made up of Science Diet Maintenance.  We will gladly serve your dog or cat any diet provided by you as well.

With weather permitting, exercise and socialization is provided outside first thing in the morning, around noon, and then again before the clinic closes for the evening.

Feel assured your pet will receive the care and attention he/she deserves while staying with us!  Our health care team works together to document, schedule, and administer any medication needed.

Multiple Veterinarians are on duty every day to meet your animal’s health care needs.  While staying with us vaccines may be updated, nails can be trimmed and a luxurious bath can be provided if you wish.