When it comes to grooming your special pet, you need to make sure you are getting the job done right the first time around, and your pet is treated with the same love and respect that you give it at home. We at Burlingame Road Animal Hospital will treat your pet as if it was our own and give him or her the grooming they deserve and will love. Our services even include a drop-off service where you can leave your pet with us between 7:30-9:00 am and pick them up between 4:00-5:30 PM Monday-Friday. Although it is recommended to schedule appointments in advance, there is no grooming job we will deny and will make sure your pet is given back even prettier and better smelling than when you dropped them off.

We do understand that not all pets enjoy the services of getting groomed, and some do not take to being held down or having their hair brushed. It is important that we communicate effectively about that and offer alternatives while getting groomed, such as needing our doctors and medical staff to sedate and monitor the pet while the grooming is being done. Getting groomed is more than just getting their hair brushed, trimmed, and cleaned, and sometimes we are thorough to be sure that they are just as clean as we humans would be. If sedating the pet is necessary, we will monitor them every step of the way and keep them healthy and aware the whole time.

We offer different packages and price plans for our grooming services, but the best way to know these prices is to either give us a call or stop by the clinic. We can let you know the costs while you are making the appointment, but it may behoove you to come on down and see how we are with the pets, what we offer, how passionate we are, and make the appointment on the spot. We are an animal-loving hospital that wants nothing more than to make sure you are satisfied with the way your family pet is given back to you.

While your animal is in our care, those are now family members for the time being, and we will treat them as such. See why our grooming services are compared to none, and we can be your animal’s one-stop shop for many years to come.