We at Burlingame Road Animal Hospital take great pride in what we do and what we offer our clients. Their pets are our pets and we make sure to treat them with the same love and respect they deserve as if they were our very own family members. At BRAH, there is transparency and we make sure everyone knows the staff and who will be caring for their canine and feline friends. The website will give you the information you need on our staff and provide you with the credentials of the people who work here.



Dr. Don Hrenchir
Dr. Heidi Bradford
Dr. Cindy Wolfe
Dr. Joan Wacker
Dr. Jenny Halstead


Practice Manager:

Kim Moorcroft



Alyssa Ramirez
Ashley Baker
Elise Bargas
Jandi Masters
Jenna Akers
Kara Emery




Veterinary Technicians:

Cassi Adams, RVT
Emily Zens, RVT
Rita Schinkel, RVT
Sarah Jordan, RVT


Veterinary Assistants/Kennel Technicians

Blake Volesky
Brendan Hecker
Jose Nevarez-Hernandez
Madison Smitha
Robyn Weber
Sami Thomas



Val Williamson

As you can see, from this list alone, we make sure we are not only well-staffed but have the expertise to back up what we say. It is not enough to just hire a bunch of people that enjoy animals but have the education to go along with the passion. From the Vets we have to the groomers, there is no shortage of the people who will provide constant care to your family pets and give them the attention they deserve.

One of the things that truly set us apart is the diverse and well-rounded group we offer. A lot of other places will offer far fewer staff or staff that belong to the same mindset. Our team is made up of different thinkers and people who show a passion not normally seen in the industry. The people who see us will say the exact same thing and note a special kind of love we offer our guests. It is more than just a job to us; it is an experience and family. Come take a stop in this Topeka, Kansas location and see what other people get to see every day when they drop off their pets to us. We promise you will not be disappointed and you get to see firsthand the same amount of love and companionship we show to each and every pet.