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“We love coming to Burlingame Road Animal Hospital. We can get right in if an animal has an issue. The staff and our Dr. Wolfe are wonderful and caring.”
— Sara Sledge
Pet: Wendy & Petey

Topeka Animal Hospital


“This place is awesome! It’s nice to leave our dog for grooming and know that they are being taken care of. The staff is great, friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Wacker always comes out to say “hi” when we are in. Feels like family here! Love them all!”
— Ty & Cathy Ryff
Pets: Cooper & Charlie

BRAH Clinic


“Burlingame Road Animal Hospital is a fantastic place to take your animals. Everyone is congenial and your wait is practically nil. My vet is Dr. Jenny Halstead and you could not ask for a better Vet. She goes above and beyond the minimal work profession. She is an outstanding Vet. Lil Kansas loves her and I love her too.”
— Mary Brennan
Pet: Kansas




“We have been with Burlingame Road Animal Hospital for 30 years with our animals. The staff, Doctors and groomers are wonderful and caring. They are a family to us. Thankful for all they do.”
— Beck & Don Martin
Pets: Franni, Rocky & Willie

Topeka Vet Clinic




“People are friendly & they love my dog as their own. Place is very clean & the staff are so helpful. I and my dog Missy love this place.”
— Pat Golden
Pet: Missy

BRAH Topeka Vet Hospital




“Chloe Emma likes coming to Burlingame Road Animal Hospital for grooming and to see the vet. She has been coming here since she was 8 weeks old. Chloe Emma gets so excited when visiting the Vet Technicians, Groomers and the Veterinarian. She is a happy little dog!”
— Linda D. Kaufman
Pet: Chloe Emma

Veterinarian Clinic Topeka KS